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Oplemenite svoje Accuphase integrirano pojačalo izvrsnom DAC karticom. Ista omogućava spajanje bilo kojeg cd playera sa digitalnim ili optičkim izlazom, te računala preko USB ulaza. U slučaju da nemate CD player, ovaj interni DAC uređaj omogućava slušanje 24 bitnih datoteka visoke rezolucije.

DAC-40 is a D/A converter board with coaxial, optical fiber and USB inputs. It is designed for installation in a slot on the rear panel of an analog Accuphase component, to provide direct input capability for signals from digital components. Usage details of the board will differ, depending on the Accuphase component in which the board is installed. To ensure correct operation, please refer to the instruction manual of the respective Accuphase component before use.


  • An automatic change of the coax input / optical fiber /USB input
  • Automatic recognition of number of sampling frequency /bit / de-emphasis

Guaranteed specifications

  • COAXIAL:IEC 60958/AES-3 compliant
    :Digital inputs 0.5Vp-p 75Ω
    :Sampling frequency 32kHz~192kHz,24bit
  • OPTICAL:IEC 60958/AES-3 compliant
    :Digital inputs -27~-15dBm
    :Sampling frequency 32kHz~192 kHz,24bit
  • USB      :USB 2.0Full Speed(12Mbps)compliant
    :Sampling frequency 32kHz~192 kHz,24bit

*The reproduction of music data by the USB depends on OS on the PC and softwareof music reproduction.

*Please refer to the manual of the PC for setting and the connection method of the PC about USB.


*If multiple input signals are supplied at the sametime, the unit automatically locks onto a signal when”OPTION 1″ is selected, using the following prioritysequence: COAXIAL → OPTICAL → USB

*To exclude a signal from being selected, eitherdisconnect the cable or turn power of the respectiveequipment off.

Connection example of DAC-40

Connection example of DAC-30