Luxman PD-171A / PD-171 AL

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PD-171A dolazi sa montiranom Jelco ručicom, dok je PD-171 AL model bez ručke. Luxman izrađuje postolja za ručicu po izboru. Naša preporuka su SME I Origin Live ručice.

It has been 30 years since Luxman last introduced its PD350 analogue disc player in 1983.
Virtually no development of such analogue audio product has taken place within this
prolonged span.
Forming the vital part of an analogue playback system the PD-171 employs high output
oscillator circuitry coupled with a high precision, high torque synchronous AC motor that
drives a high inertia platter via a synthetic belt for stable rotation. The precision machined
spindle rests on a Teflon bearing of large diameter to ensure frictionless rotation.
The statically balanced tone-arm installed on the PD-171 employs ball bearings for vertical
and lateral movements. It is equipped with a universal headshell to facilitate cartridge
replacement. A detachable stylus light enhances visibility in a dim room.
LUXMAN’s philosophy is to implement the most advanced technology and convey messages
to music listeners via a conventional medium. Enthusiastic performances captured by
recording engineers and subsequently recorded on the analogue disc are reproduced with the
airiness and warmth inherent of such medium.

- Electronic circuit based on high output audio amplifier with built-in high precision 32 bit MICON signal generator.
 – Belt driven high torque synchronous AC motor  Equipped with handy LED reflected stroboscope for more accurate speed adjustment and
 – Milled aluminium platter of 0.7tcm²super high inertia  Chassis built from 15mm aluminium panels with floating sub-chassis to eliminate
structural and airborne vibration

– AC inlet on back plate to accommodate detachable mains cables

-  Wooden plinth adding a touch of luxury
-  Non-resonant universal headshell made of aluminium magnesium alloy
–  Detachable OFC 5-pin DIN → RCA phono cable
-  Handy acrylic dust cover of 4mm thickness

Driving Mechanism Belt driven reactive type synchronous AC motor
Electronics High precision oscillator amplifier
Platter Diamond cut aluminium
Platter Weight 5.0kg
Rotation Speed 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm switchable (±4% adjustment)
Wow & flutter: <0.04%
Tone-arm: Static balance with S-shape arm tube
Bearing: Ball races
Overhang: 15mm
Cartridge compatibility: 4 ~ 12g mass
Tracing error: ±1.9°~ -1.1 °
Dimensions (W x H x D): 465mm x 195mm (including top cover) x 390mm (including hardware
on back plate)
Weight: 23.0kg
Polarized AC power cable, dust cover, stylus light, headshell, pulley
cover, drive belt, EP adapter, turntable mat, turntable installation