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Balanced AAVA volume control

As a first in an integrated amplifier, the E-650 features the sophisticated Balanced AAVA type volume control incorporated in Accuphase’s top-of-the-line preamplifier model C-3850. Balanced AAVA uses two AAVA circuits driven in a fully balanced configuration. This completely cancels out any external noise and results in unsurpassed S/N ratio.

High-accuracy, high-rigidity volume sensor construction with massive yet responsive feel

AAVA uses a volume control knob that looks similar to conventional controls. However, Accuphase also paid careful attention to volume sensor construction. The rotary mechanism is assembled with high accuracy and mounted to a highly rigid frame extruded from a single aluminum block. The solid brass shaft has a diameter of 8 mm and gives a pleasingly massive yet responsive operation feel to the volume knob. Floating suspension technology developed by Accuphase for its SA-CD/CD players is used to mount the volume sensor mechanism to the main chassis. Furthermore, utterly smooth and quiet operation is assured also when adjusting the volume with the remote commander, thanks to insulators that dampen any vibrations of the drive motor.
Triple parallel push-pull output stage with power MOS-FETs and
power amplifier stage mounted on a large heat sink. Two identi-
cal units are arranged on the left and right sides of the chassis.

Class A operation (30 watts into 8 ohms).

Guaranteed linear power of 120 watts into 2 ohms, 60 watts into 4 ohms, 30 watts into 8 ohms per channel. Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency toroidal transformer and large filtering capacitors. The E-650 uses a massive power transformer with high output capability. Highly effective filtering is realized with two custom-made aluminum electrolytic capacitors, each with a large 50,000 μF rating

  • Power amplifier stage features instrumentation amplifier configuration for balanced signal transmission. MCS+ topology and current feedback principle in amplification circuitry assure excellent phase characteristics in high range.
  • Semiconductor (MOS-FET) switches used for protection circuitry prevent contact problems and ensure long-term reliability. Eliminating mechanical contacts from the path of the music signal also further enhances sound quality.
  • Logic-controlled relays for signal switching assure high sound quality and long-term reliability.
  • MAIN IN switch and preamplifier output and power amplifier input connectors allow independent use of both sections. Both line level and balanced connectors are provided.
  • Tone controls with balanced circuit configuration and summing active filters for optimum sound quality.
  • Versatile array of inputs with two balanced inputs to shut out external noise interference. Individual phase setting supported for each input position.
  • Dedicated headphone amplifier constructed with discrete components.
  • Two option board installation slots on the rear panel provide further versatility. With the AD-50, AD-30, or AD-20 board, MC/MM switching is performed on the front panel.
  • The DAC input selector button allows the user to select the desired input when using the Digital Input Board DAC-50 or DAC-40 With USB Port. Display of the sampling frequency of the locked digital signal is also possible. (This is not supported with the DAC-30, DAC-20,or DAC-10.)
  • LED-based bar graph power meters with improved sensitivity and readability.
  • Two sets of large speaker terminals that also accept spade connectors or banana plugs.


 Continuous average output power: 120 W/ch (2 ohms), 60 W/ch (4 ohms), 30 W/ch (8 ohms)

Frequency response (1 W output): 2 Hz – 150 kHz +0 -3,0 dB

Damping factor: 500 (EIA 8 ohm, 50 Hz)

Input sensitivity: 0,05 mV (DISC MC), 0,98 mV (DISC MM), 77,7 mV (HIGH LEVEL), 0,617 V (POWER IN)


 Recorder switch

Copy switch

Tone controls

Loudness compensator

Speaker selector

Meter operation/illumination switch

EXT PRE switch

Balanced inputs

Two sets of speaker outputs

Maximum dimensions: 465 (W) x 191 (H) x 426 (D) mm

Mass: 24,0 kg