Accuphase A – 200 mono

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The A-200 encompasses Accuphase power amplifier know-how to the fullest. It is destined to become another milestone, taking the art of audio to the next level. In order to realize ideal speaker drive capability, the A-200 employs a structural design that exceeds even the M-6000. Two completely separate power amplifier units, each with its own dedicated heat sink on either side of the chassis, are driven in parallel.
Another outstanding characteristic of the A-200 is its enormously improved S/N ratio. By adopting the advanced instrumentation amplifier principle for the input stage in a double configuration, using only discrete electronic components instead of ICs, and fine-tuning the gain complement with the following stage, simply amazing S/N ratings were achieved: 126 dB at the maximum gain setting and 132 dB with gain set to –12 dB. These represent ultimate values even in the formidable Accuphase lineup.

Kontinuirana prosečna izlazna snaga 100W/8oma, 200W/4oma, 400W/2 oma, 800W/1om
Rad u premošćenom režimu (2 uređaja) 400W/8oma, 800W/4oma, 1600W/2oma koristeci dva A-200
Frekventni raspon 0,5-150kHz +0, -3dB
Intermodulaciona izobličenja 0,01%
Damping faktor 1000
Odnos signal/šum 126dB ili bolji (mereno pod A opterećenjem
Ulazna osetljivost 1,13V
Maksimalne spoljašnje dimenzije uređaja 465 x 238 x 514 mm
Masa 46 kg