Shindo Laboratory Corton Charlemagne Q mono

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The Corton-Charlemagne Q is latest amplifier produced by Shindo. It is a most powerful Shindo amplifier, with 70 watt in class A. Designed to bring out all the glorious qualities of the famous EL34 valve. Warm, rich, detailed and full bodied with excellent resolution and extension. Effortlessly extended at both frequency extremes, with a taught bass, rich, texturally beautiful midrange, and sparkly lucid glow, the CC34 amps are a joy to listen your favorite music through.

Corton Charlemagne Q DETALJI

Effective output Power:70W in class A(Impedance 8Ω)

Input (RCA Pin Jack)Input Sensutivity/ Impedance:1V/250KΩ

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90 dB

Frequency responce:20 – 20,000 Hz ±3dB @ 1 watt output

Power Consumption:300 W

Power requirements:AC 220 – 240V. 50/60Hz

Tube complement : 4×6CA7

Dimensions::W 400×H 200×D 300 mm