Ascendo C8 Renaissance

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The C8 Renaissance combines the advantages of the single point source with the performance of large systems. Result of this rare combination is excellent timing, constant timbre and sound quality at low and high volume levels combined with a spacious holographic imaging and extreme distortion-free low bass reproduction.

Unique to ASCENDO�s loudspeakers is the  combination of the switchable ribbon tweeter placed in the back of the loudspeaker with the single point source driver in the front and the 22cm woofer inside the C8.

This combination keeps the impulse response perfect and adds, if desired, the Dipole like characteristics of a large surface transducer yet allows the choice of having perfect Studio Monitor characteristics.

TOS ON – Dipole / Large Surface Transducers

TOS OFF – Hemisphere / Studio Monitor

Due to the low height and timeless clear design, the C8 Renaissancecombines very well with different fixtures of a house.

Three-Way with SASB bass unit (TOS Off) (current damped
outer driver with semi symmetrical band pass)
Four-Way with SASB bass unit (TOS ON)
Dimensions (W/H/D) 28 / 95 / 40 cm
Weight 45 Kg
Frequency Range 29 Hz (-3 dB) – 32.000 Hz
350 W Program (min.)
Impedance 6 Ohm
Sensivity 88 db / 1W/m
Outer Chassis (Coax)
Inner Chassis
TOS Chassis
• 25 mm Neodymium-fabric-tweeter
• 17 cm Woofer with XP cone
21 cm Chassis, Kevlar cone
TOS function switch able
An: TOS Unit / Dipole On
Aus: TOS Unit / Dipole Off
Sockets Bi-Wiring