Raidho Acoustics D 3.1

Planet Audio
Planet Audio

The Raidho Acoustics D-3.1 is a true 3-way Raidho Diamond Driver loudspeaker. It has a dedicated 100 mm Diamond mid-range and three 115 mm Diamond bass drivers. With the D-3 we have learned that more resolution makes the music much more liquid and natural. The D-3.1 is an extreme performer and is for those who really enjoy spending time and effort setting up their system and finding matching components. Real music enthusiasts can expect a truly unique musical experience from the D-3.1.

Size (WxHxD): 200 x 1235 x 500 mm (320 x 1320 x 540 mm incl. feets)
Weight: 53 Kg
Freq. reponse 30 Hz – 50 KHz
Impendance: >5 ohm
Sensitivity: 90 dB 2.83 V/m
Crossover: 150 kHz and 3 kHz 2. order
Enclosure: Vented design Port in rear panel
Drive units: 1 sealed ribbon tweeter 1 100 mm diamond mid-range driver 3 115 mm diamond bass drivers
Finish: Black piano All possible paint colors Walnut burl veneer
Amplification: >50 W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)