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Davone Grande – the ultimate
No words are adequate to relate the experience you will have with our statement model the Grande. A work of art from any angle and an absolute epiphany to hear. A gigantic sound stage with life-size instruments and natural voices, recreates the atmosphere as was intended by the musicians.

The Cabinet
The complex cabinet consists of no less then twelve carefully matched elements for each pair of speakers. Each of these elements is constructed from 16 layers of curved beech wood strengthened furthermore with massive internal bracing. With the solid steel FEM optimized stand design, the cabinet provides an inert base for the top quality drivers.

Subtlety and realism
The 6.5″ mid frequency driver has been designed for subtlety and realism. This has been achieved through the Proprietary cone material with Egyptian papyres fibres and the soft low damping rubber surround for optimum transient response. Distortion is at a minimum through the optimized low distortion neodymium motor system.

The baffle segments are covered with real leather. Because this may contain scars and branding marks, all pieces need to be manually selected one by one from the hide. Some small wrinkles are allowed as this adds charachter to the surface and shows it is real. Not perfect like the often used fake leather.

     Frequency response



4 ohm, 3.7 minimum @ 25 Hz


90 dB/2,83V/m

     Max power

170 W measured according to IEC 17.1


10”, Rigid Black Anodized Alu Cone, Xmax 28mm p-p Patented Symmetrical Drive Motor Design


6,5″ Egyptian papyrus fiber cone. Powerful optimized low distortion neodymium motor


1″ Textile Dome Diaphragm AirCirc Motor Design with 6 Neodymium magnets

     Cross over

230 Hz, 3kHz


Closed/ Bass reflex


16 layer beech wood form pressed veneer with multiple internal stiffeners.


48 kg per piece including stand