Ascendo System F mk2

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Vrhunski zvučnički sustav System F temeljito je obnovljen za 2013 godinu. Novi model System F mk2 u dolasku je u Planet početkom rujna.

The ASCENDO System F is a four-way Loudspeaker constructed with ASCENDO’s SASB and TOS Technologies.
The strictly modular design leads to several advantages.
· perfect phase reconstruction at the actual position of the listener by time alignment.
· consequently mechanical and electrical decoupled: more details and transparency.
· very low resonance between loudspeaker and floor.

Principle Four Way SASB-Technology (TOS active)

Three Way SASB-Technology (TOS off)

Dimensions (W/H/D) 29 / 109 / 44 cm, with base 29 / 116 / 44 cm
Weight 48 kg
Power 370 Watt Programm (Min.)
Impedance 6 Ohm
Sensivity 88 dB/1W/m
Frequency Response 31 Hz (-3dB) – 34 kHz
High Frequency Unit 28 mm textile dome tweeter, SD-Caps
Mid Frequency Unit 22 cm woofer with NRSC membrane
Inner Driver 22,5 cm woofer with NRSC membrane
TOS Driver magneto-static tweeter
TOS Unit switch-able (TOS driver – dipole On/Off)
Terminals Si / Bi / Tri-Wiring
Finish piano lacquering black, rosewood